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OtsoNY was originally launched in November 2009, and in its early years focused mainly on movie locations within the island of Manhattan. Since then, it has grown into the largest New York movie location website in the world, hosting over thirteen hundred New York-based movies and their filming locations, in addition to a multitude of location maps, regular news stories and an array of movie chart countdowns.

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OtsoNY is regularly updated with new movies and their filming locations, in addition to revisions of previously posted movies.

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Presenting a collection of the most famous, distinguished, unforgettable and memorable film scenes shot in New York City.


The latest news stories covering everything from celebrity sightings, movie trailers, announcements and more.

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Emily Ratajkowski: The Paparazzi’s Princess

Often seen out walking her German Shepherd-Husky mix dog, Colombo through West Village, actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has in recent years become a favourite with the paparazzi and always dresses to standout from the crowd.

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Latest News
Times Square Honours Whitney Houston

New York's Times Square honoured Whitney Houston, who would have turned 60 years old today. The large screen showed an image of the late singer in a glittery dress with the words 'Happy 60th Birthday Whitney Houston'.

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Latest News
The Rolling Stones Filming in Tribeca

The Rolling Stones were in New York's Tribeca district during the month of June filming a new music video. The legendary UK rock band of which consists of frontman Mick Jagger and guitarists Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were seen in Staple Street with a film crew.

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